Thursday, April 23, 2009


ACCES is now on Twitter. I never thought I would say it, but Oprah has inspired me. Does that mean Twitter is ka-put? You can find us at

Monday, April 20, 2009

Software Release 7.51

We just sent the latest CD to the print house. ACCES Software Master CD 7.51 will be shipping soon.

The Software Downloads page will have the latest software by tomorrow afternoon.

The single biggest change is a new AIOUSB USB Software Reference Manual (.pdf).

In addition to the new AIOUSB manual the new CD contains software packages for several new products, including the USBP-DIO16RO8, the USB-DIO-48, the USB-DIO-96, and updated software for the USB-COM-2S.

Monday, April 6, 2009

How we got our name

ACCES I/O Products, Inc.

"ACCES"? That's not spelled right!

Well, actually it's an acronym.

Way back in 1987 or so, several years before we became incorporated, ACCES had a different name: Acquisition Control Communication Engineering / Systems.

As you can imagine that's a little unwieldy, so we were putting ACCES on our letterhead.

In 1992 when we incorporated, we chose to make the acronym official, and call ourselves "ACCES" -- but that name is fairly common in other parts of the world, as it is the correct spelling of "access" in french, for example.

In order to distinguish ourselves from the mere word acces, our chosen name became "ACCES I/O Products, Inc."

Still a little unwieldy, isn't it? We call ourselves "ACCES I/O" for short.

Tweaking a Design

In addition to our ~300 COTS products, we have a database of almost 700 "specials".

These Specials (designated by -Sxx numbers appended to a standard part number) are modifications to the base product that a customer, like yourself, asked us to make in order to tweak a design to fit their specific application better.

This broad database of "predesigned specials" is proof positive of our ability and willingness to serve the needs of our customers.

-- if you don't see a product in our broad lineup that perfectly suits your application, just call our Application Engineers -- with so many Specials already designed, and so many years worth of experienced engineers, you won't believe how easy - and inexpensive - it is to satisfy any requirement!

ACCES - The Source for All Your I/O Needs

Broad Product Selection - and custom!

Another fine thing is our dedication to service on the design side of things.

ACCES has almost 300 COTS products available for sale.

Most of these products began life as custom-engineering projects to satisfy the requirements of a single customer. When we take on engineering projects we try to save our customers as much money as possible, and one of the ways we can do that is by developing a product we know we'll be able to sell to the general public as well as the custom application that inspired it. This allows us to amortize the NRE costs across future sales to other people, greatly reducing the costs to the specific customer that needs a solution now.

This broad COTS product line, developed over the course of just ~22 years, demonstrates our hardware design prowess. If you need a data acquisition solution and can't find anything like it on our website, let us know.

About Customer Service

Hello, this is John Hentges. I am the primary technical support contact here at ACCES. More than 80% of all customer support calls and emails start with me, at my desk.

I have been with ACCES for more than twenty years, and, in addition to my work supporting you, I also manage the Software R&D lab, and write all the firmware for our products.

That's right! When you call for Technical support, you speak with an actual developer with over twenty years experience working with our products.

--And, for when a question comes in that's a little more hardware oriented than I feel I can handle, I have a team of hardware engineers with more than 121 years combined experience here at ACCES available to answer your questions.

Real service, real support.

Welcome to ACCES

Hello everyone, and welcome to the latest way ACCES is leveraging modern technology to stay in touch with you, our customers.

This is still in the experimental stages, but we're going to try providing more information about the inner workings of our great company.

Most posts won't allow comments, but please be respectful when you do comment. We want your feedback, but would prefer you keep it constructive.